Intriguing and purposeful projects.

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Summer at PROS

A full-stack summer internship with the Revenue Management team at PROS.

Whisperify Updates

Constantly updating page for updates to Whisperify, a music quiz and analysis platform with over 3000 monthly users.


A music quiz and analysis platform with over 3000 monthly users. Quiz yourself on your favourite Spotify playlists, create and share quizzes with friends, and compare listening habits through your personalities.

TAMUhack 2020-2021

Organizing Texas A&M University's largest hackathons.


Influencing the fashion around me.


Discovering the difficulty of making animations

Web Development at TTI

Implemented interactive web tools for a road mix calculator and a vegetation control search project.


PARIS: A rock, paper, scissors AI

TAMUhack 2019-2020

Organizing Texas A&M University's largest annual hackathon (and a smaller one).

Visualizing Globalization

More adventures visualizing the spread of companies in R

Spread of the Golden Arches

Visualizing the spread of McDonald's across the globe

100 Days of Design

Highlights from my Daily UI challenge


Miscellaneous sketches I worked on in my free time

Physiological Indicators of Workload and Stress

Conducted research to record human reaction to workload and stress in autonomous vehicles with sensors. Developed programs to analyze data with Python.

Mee6 Leaderboard Graphs

Created program that generates analytic graphs for top members of discord servers using the Mee6 leaderboard API