TAMUhack 2020-2021

TAMUhack 2020 was a success. With that done, the seniors graduated and I took on the role of Creative Director. When I joined the team, there were only two members including me on this section of the team. With all the recruiting that has happened, I now lead a team of 3 for all design and marketing purposes.

Infographic and Sponsorship Document

A year on from when I joined the team, I worked on an infographic for TAMUhack 2020 which contained similar graphs to last year's with a different theme.

A new task I was now in charge of was the sponsorship document. It was a packet to inform company representatives of our event and options to sponsor. I merged the iconic Academic building with a gradient of the organization's main colors, pink and blue, to create a clear and concise sponsorship packet.

Hub Website Redesign

With the organization now putting up two hackathons, it is no longer sufficient to just have event websites but instead a website that doesn't change as often to serve as a hub for our events. There were some interactions and design issues on our site last year, so our first major task as a design team was to make those changes.

The illustrations on the website are great, but black on pink had not been the most effective colors for both readability and aesthetics. The main change I made was to convert the graphic to pink, and the removed the wave feature in the middle of the page. This shortened the page by nearly half while keeping the same content.

For this site design, I asked all members of the team to create a version of the website after syncing up together. With this method, we came up with some great ideas and found a way to merge both the past events section and the directors section together. The final version of the hub website was much shorter in length while containing more content than the previous year.

HowdyHack 2020

To design this hackathon, we followed the timeline below. The timeline ensured that we would have everything done by the start of registration for the event.