First Year Reflections

Summer has started and I am glad to have a break from the workload of college. In terms of academics, freshman year hasn’t been too overwhelming. Most of my classes were fairly easy which allowed me to dedicate a lot of time to the more challenging ones, also allowing time for a research project involving autonomous vehicles that I contributed to. There are so many opportunities and events in college. That combined with the freedom to move around campus at any time provided the perfect environment for self enrichment.

I had an exhilarating year taking part in events and experiment with different organisations. I joined the TAMUhack team and am now working together with some really cool people, putting on amazing hackathons like TAMUhack. I am also a casual member of the coding club and IEEE. I hope to continue my search for meaningful clubs, as there are still so many organisations to explore on campus.

Stories about college friendships are true, as I met some of the most amazing people including my roommate and have become such close friends after just a few months! All of us push each other in all that we do and I have grown a lot as a person because of that. I developed a healthy schedule with regular workouts, music sessions, hangouts, and extracurriculars.

Overall, freshman year has been a truly amazing experience and I can’t believe that a quarter of my college career is over. During the summer, a combination of summer classes, personal projects and self-enrichment should keep me busy till I return to campus.

See you in 3 months, College Station!