How to Keep On Top of Responsibilities

College can get pretty hectic, the constant events and opportunities can cause homework and other responsibilities to be neglected. One of the discoveries I made after my first year was a simple but effective method to keep on top of responsibilities throughout the semester.

The method I used was to list all of my recurring homeworks for my classes and my tasks in extracurriculars on a post-it note (or card) that is placed in plain sight. Whenever I am free, I would glance at the list to jog my memory of any tasks I might have forgotten. This has helped me complete all homework and tasks on time through my first year.

Unlike a to-do list, the list does not have to be rewritten each week. This saves time and there is no risk of forgetting to write the list. The image above is of my list for the spring semester. The list, and the use of the checklist feature on the Momentum browser extension, played a huge part in my productivity.

So, if you ever want an easy and effective method to keep track of your responsibilities, feel free to give this method a try!