Second Winter Break Reflection

Fun times in Washington DC

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since my last winter break. This past year, especially this fall semester, has been crazy. I’ve met most of the goals I set myself last winter break and I’m pretty happy about how the past year has gone.

It’s been an incredibly busy semester with classes combined with the internship search, research projects, a part-time job, and TAMUhack. I’ve learnt a lot through projects and activities, and I’ve gotten many new experiences, having lots of fun along the way.

Some of my semester highlights include putting up my first hackathon: HowdyHack, celebrating personal milestones and having fun with the TAMUhack team, getting involved in machine learning research and a cybersecurity project, representing Texas A&M in regionals for the International Collegiate Programming Contest, and winning my first hackathon prize at HackTX. I’ve also really enjoyed my time spent with close friends and meeting new people.


As soon as finals ended, my friends and I went had planned to go on a week-long trip to Washington DC. We had lots of fun visiting monuments, eating great food, and spending time together with no stress. It was our first huge trip and the perfect way to celebrate the end of the semester.

Right after that, I went with my family on another week-long excursion to the Death Valley and Las Vegas. Two weeks into the winter break, I had spent a total of two days at home.


For the past two weeks, I got some much needed relaxation, binged some shows, played some games, and worked on some new ideas. With my new knowledge, I have been working on some exciting projects and can’t wait to share them with the community.

This semester, I aim to continue learning, tackling my classes and my new responsibilities. I hope to continue being an active member of hackathons and take on new challenges in the future.

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