100 Days of Design

One of my favorite things about designing was that it allows us to view things in a new perspective. However, great design is hard to find. I often get spend hours trying to think of the "perfect" design, getting nothing done in the process.

In an effort to encourage designing and less time thinking, I took on the Daily UI challenge. The idea is to design a user interface every day for a 100 days using the daily prompt.

Here I will be posting some of my favorite designs from the challenge.

Sign Up

I decided to redesign the Twitch mobile app sign up interface for this prompt. I removed unnecessary clutter and gave it a more modern touch with a uniform colour scheme.

Landing Page

For this prompt, I redesigned the landing page of Kygo's website. I fixed some formatting and made better use of the banner by inserting a call to action.

Music Player

For this prompt, I took inspiration from Spotify and different scrolling layouts for a minimalist music player app. The bottom menu is more user friendly and the side scrolling on the top makes it easy for the user to navigate between categories. The search icon will lead to a discover page with genres, recommended music and a search.

For the currently playing song screen, swiping left would yield the lyrics of the song. The other features are typical to a music player.